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Obama Art Collective

Below is ArtCulture’s Barack Obama art gallery and showcase with works gathered from all around the world. You could say we created this to say “ArtCulture officially supports Barack Obama” =)

Whether or not Barack Obama would make a good president, it’s clear that he makes an excellent muse. It’s hard to think of a political candidate in recent memory who has, in real time, inspired so much creativity, exercised free of charge and for the campaign’s benefit. Perhaps this suggests something about Obama — or maybe it suggests something about his supporters. Rob Walker, New York Times

The New Hope - hyperakt

The New Hope - hyperakt

The New Hope - hyperakt

The New Hope - hyperakt

EMO for Obama

That One - Justin Hampton

Recycle Love - Ries

Obama Magazine Covers 2008

Obama - Unknown

Progress - Obey

Obama Art Print - Ron English

Obama Art - Gallery Exhibition

Obama Art Montage

Nuestra Voz - Raphael Lopez

Obama art creation by Michael Murphy

Obama art creation by Michael Murphy

Hope - Shepard Fairey

Color in the minds eye - David Macaluso

Vote - Shepard Fairey

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